Meet Our Wedding Planners in Cayman Islands


Head Planner - Juliette Heath

Phone - +1 (345) 929-7772

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Born in the UK in 1971, Juliette spent the early part of her adult life travelling fairly extensively.  She developed a passion for learning about new cultures and ways of life and, in her early 20s, was extremely excited to accept a job opportunity working between London and Cairo, Egypt for a film production company, producing commercials for the Middle East.  In her mid 20s Juliette started getting involved in the London event/club scene helping to put on huge New Year’s Eve events and night club promotions.  With a growing love for events and different cultures she became ac ..

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Managing Director - Errol Watler

Errol has been actively involved in the events business on and off over the last 35 years. One of the founding members of the Cayman Island Music & Entertainment Association, he was active in musical promotions and productions on the Island from as far back as the 70s. His love of music lead him to open his own music store, Funky Tangs, which to date remains one of the leading entertainment stores on the Island. In the mid-70s Errol came up with the concept for the “Magic Showcase” an annual event held on Boxing Day each year which featured all the best local talent and attracted aro ..

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